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Why Nonprofit?

Waves Yoga Kauai opened on May 22, 2017 with the thoughtful intention of providing a safe place to practice yoga, fitness, and meditation daily. Thankfully amongst all the ups and downs or waves, the studio has flourished into a community that includes locals from across the island of Kauai and visitors from all over the world. The many challenges along the way deepened its roots. You can feel it the moment you walk in the door. I think that is success; and am happy to be continuing the journey. Nevertheless, I was stuck on the money component. For many years I was feeling the conflict of providing yoga classes but charging everyone the same amount of money regardless of their situation, and if you didn't have the money you couldn't attend the class. I went along as life does trying the best I could but not feeling quite right.

Then Covid . . . No choice but to stop . . .

That inspired the initial curiosity, and then resulted in the switching to a nonprofit. This allows Waves to focus on what is of utmost importance. Yes, money is essential. Yet, it is not more important than love, happiness, and peace. Our culture is structured to revolve around money and power. So many of our systems in place make absolutely no sense. Here is just one example:

In 2021, The US spent 801 Billion Dollars on the Military and it would take 45 Billion Dollars per year until 2030 to ERADICATE global hunger.

It may seem overwhelming and hopeless. There is always hope and I believe it starts in our hearts right here and right now. Therefore, our humble yoga studio in the middle of the pacific ocean vows to value people over profit. When you walk into Waves we want to see your eyes, your heart, and your soul not just your wallet. So how will we stay afloat since we are not an exception to the deeply embedded money structures of our society? Donations and sponsors will be the main contribution to pay rent, expenses, teachers, and salaries. We still need the same amount of money. Although, it will be given as a gift rather than a requirement. It changes the feeling in the room. Each person takes that with them and the ripple effect continues.

May our practice be of benefit to all beings everywhere bringing hope, love, peace, and equanimity to the world.

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